Wealth Management

As an Independent Fee-Based Registered Investment Advisory Firm (RIA), our commitment is to your financial success. We specialize in providing integrated financial planning and wealth management for tax planning and retirement planning to individuals, families, businesses, trusts, and retirement plans.

Portfolio management and wealth financial planning are not a guessing game but are a carefully thought out selection and process designed to meet your financial goals and objectives. We listen to your concerns and carefully craft customized diversified investment plans designed to provide an appropriate balance of risk and liquidity needed for both short and long term goals.

Financial Planning

Constructing a financial plan is an ongoing process. We conduct periodic portfolio reviews and maintain constant ongoing personal communications to keep our clients informed. If any questions concerns or significant financial developments occur, we can adapt our strategy effectively and immediately.

  • Initial Inquiry – We meet with you in your home or office and get to know you. Our initial meeting is an opportunity for us to explain how we proceed with our fee-only financial planning process.
  • Data Gathering – we discuss and review your entire your financial portfolio, define your goals, evaluate your liquidity needs, assess your risk tolerances, and formulate your retirement objectives. We evaluate strengths and weaknesses, and uncover opportunities. Your philosophy, lifestyle and goals for you and your family help us define and resolve complex multi-dimensional, multi-generational issues.
  • Financial Plan – we will construct a plan developed to give you the highest probability of success for your short and long term goals. The resulting plan is comprehensive, integrated, dynamic and completely responsive to your individual circumstances. It is a financial expression of your personal vision.
  • Implementation/Execution – We monitor your progress in reaching your short term goals and help you stay on course with your long term goals. Your plan must be flexible and as your personal CFO, we work with you to execute your plan with the highest level of clarity, control and professionalism.
Portfolio Management/Wealth Management

We are not brokers. As a team of financial planners, Aljen’s investment philosophy utilizes asset allocation and diversification strategies to conserve assets and maximize portfolio growth through the economic and business cycles. We keep an open mind in making investment recommendations. We custom design each plan to achieve an appropriate balance, considering your risk tolerance, liquidity needs, and short/long term goals.

  • Equities
  • Bonds
  • Municipal Bonds
  • Government Securities
  • Mutual Funds
  • ETFs​
  • Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs)
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Closed-End Funds
  • Commodities
Retirement Planning

We ask our clients two simple questions: “What do you envision for your retirement?” and “In your current financial situation, will you achieve your vision?” People are living longer. A person who turns 65 should expect to live 20 to 30 years in retirement as compared to a retiree in 1950 who lived on average an additional 15 years. Longer life spans have created a number of new issues that need to be taken into consideration when planning for retirement. Aljen can help guide you along the path to and through retirement. No matter where you are in life we can help you prepare for retirement on your terms.

We design your retirement plans around social security and the following:

  • Traditional IRAs
  • Rollover IRAs
  • Roth IRAs
  • SEP IRAs
  • 401(k)
  • Pensions
  • Defined Benefit
  • Individual(k)

We seamlessly unite portfolio management with asset management to create retirement savings programs that can help clients build more assets for retirement and provide guaranteed income for life. We design our investment portfolios and strategies to:

  • Protect their principal against market loss
  • Grow retirement assets
  • Accumulate more assets through the power of tax-deferral
College Planning

Your child’s education is an important consideration as your family grows. Aljen works with you to help establish the appropriate planning tools for what is becoming a growing and necessary expense.

  • 529 College Education Plans
  • UGMA – Uniform Gift to Minors Account
Estate Planning

Planning for the transfer of assets at death is a critical element of retirement planning especially if there are survivors who are dependent upon the assets for their financial security. Planning for estate transfer can be as simple as drafting a will, which is essential to ensure that assets are transferred according to the wishes of the decedent. Larger estates may be confronted with settlement costs and sizeable death taxes which could force liquidation if the proper planning is not done.

  • Aljen partners with estate plan attorneys to develop effective plans for wealth transfer to minimize taxation and efficiently accomplish our client’s goals.
  • Multi-generational strategic planning.

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